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JE Berkowitz, LP is the premier high quality architectural glass fabricator in the United States. As an ISO 9001 certified company, we are committed to excellence and quality in the processing and distribution of glass products to our customers.

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Pedricktown, N.J., January 17, 2017 – J.E. Berkowitz, LP (JEB), a premier architectural glass fabricator and a division of Consolidated Glass Holdings (CGH), has announced the launch of its “Fabricated in the USA” initiative—a proactive effort to promote and ensure the use of American-made products in the production of the company’s architectural glass solutions.

Based in Pedricktown, New Jersey, JEB has been a leader in the architectural glass and glazing industry for nearly a century. The “Fabricated in the USA” initiative is the next step in the company’s efforts to offer high-quality, domestically sourced glass products for commercial buildings, according to Arthur Berkowitz, executive vice president of JEB.

“J.E. Berkowitz is a proud company with a long history of working with domestic manufacturers up and down the supply chain,” Berkowitz said. “The ‘Fabricated in the USA’ initiative is a way to ensure that glass products and components passing through our facility are sourced, manufactured, and fabricated in the United States. All finished products and communications will be clearly labeled so that end users can confidently know they are directly supporting the American economy and American workers who receive world-class technical and safety training, competitive wages, and comprehensive benefits.”

Paul Cody, president and CEO of CGH, says the “Fabricated in the USA” initiative strikes at the right time and he anticipates rolling out similar programs across his company’s family of brands.

“With the influx of glazing products available from companies around the world, design professionals and average citizens are—more often than not—unaware of where the products they see and use every day are made,” Cody said.

“By partnering with J.E. Berkowitz, we knew we were gaining a glass industry leader—not only in terms of technology and innovation, but also in vision. Now, Arthur and his team are proving to be difference makers in the American economy. As we implement this initiative throughout our other companies in the near future, our hope is that the proactive promotion of American-made products becomes a growing trend in more industries.”

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