Bird Friendly Glass

J.E. Berkowitz can provide insulating glass units with bird friendly glass. Birds colliding and striking glass can be a serious issue and in many instances throughout North America these collisions have led to the deaths of millions of birds yearly according to studies from American Bird Conservancy (ABC).

We manufacture and fabricated high-performance insulating glass units and we also are keenly aware of the need to provide bird friendly options with our offerings.

Guardian Bird Friendly Glass  

Bird Friendly Frit-Pattern using UV coating technology


J.E. Berkowitz has teamed up with Guardian Glass to be able to incorporate Guardian’s cutting-edge bird friendly product within the JEB Winduo™ Insulating Glass Units.  The Guardian products provide the necessary markings for birds to recognize the glass and avoid the strike thus allowing them to avoid injury or death.

J.E. Berkowitz also has you covered thanks to our ability to utilize Walker’s AviProtek – Bird Friendly acid-etched glass solution.  This innovative product has the etch on the number 1 surface of the glass built into JEB Winduo™ Insulating Glass Units.  The AviProtek was developed and tested thoroughly to be one of the best bird-friendly options on the market today.

No matter the manufacturer JEB can provide bird-friendly options in numerous IGU make-ups to meet virtually any design need.