Great Glazing: 804 Carnegie Center West

Great Glazing: 804 Carnegie Center West

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Great Glazing: 804 Carnegie Center West
The basics: 804 Carnegie Center West is a new three-story, 130,000-square-foot office building on the Carnegie Center Campus in Princeton, New Jersey. The green facility combines high-performance materials with cutting-edge technology/

A primary feature is a two-story two-way, butt-glazed glass box that is visible from the highway, and identifies the building’s activity. A large expanse of glazing faces south, requiring added attention to thermal performance. Other design goals required the glass to be as flat and clear as possible.

The players: Architect, Jacobs Engineering Group; general contractor, Turner Construction; contract glazier, Josloff Industries LLC; glass manufacturer, Guardian Glass; glass fabricator, J.E. Berkowitz

The glass and systems: Guardian Glass supplied high-performance, low-emissivity SunGuard AG 50 coated glass for the building, and low-e SunGuard Neutral 78/65 coated glass for the entrances.

J.E. Berkowitz fabricated more than 46,000 square feet of glass for the facility, supplying Winduo’s insulating glass units in multiple configurations. The IGUs incorporate the JEB 3Seal warm-edge spacer system to maximize straight sightlines, structural stability and thermal efficiency.

In addition, JEB provided nearly 9,000 square feet of Invisiwall glass systems for the building’s interior, including laminated clear glass partitions and doors that required precisely engineered alignment.

According to Mike Nicklas, director of engineered glass systems, JEB, “The edge alignment of the interior laminated glass was critical since the monolithic glass partitions were connected with polycarbonate I-bar strips to provide a nearly seamless joint, enhancing the overall look.”