Indoor Environment Quality

LEED Category: Indoor Environment Quality

IEQ Credit 8.1: Daylight

LEED Credit: 1 point

Intent: Provide building occupants with a connection between indoor spaces and the outdoors through the introduction of daylight and views into the occupied areas of the building.


Through 1 of the 4 options, achieve daylighting in at least the following spaces:

* Exceptions for areas where tasks would be hindered by the use of daylight.

OPTION 1: Simulation

Demonstrate through computer simulations that 75% or more of all regularly occupied spaces areas achieve daylight illuminance levels of a minimum of 25 footcandles (fc) and a maximum of 500 fc in a clear sky condition on September 21 at 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. Areas with illuminance levels below or above the range do not comply. However, designs that incorporate view-preserving automated shades for glare control may demonstrate compliance for only the minimum 25 fc illuminance level.

OPTION 2: Prescriptive

Use a combination of side-lighting and/or top-lighting to achieve a total daylighting zone that is at least 75% of all the regularly occupied spaces.

OPTION 3: Measurement

Demonstrate through records of indoor light measurements that a minimum daylight illumination level of 25 fc has been achieved in at least 75% of all regularly occupied areas. Measurements must be taken on a 10-foot grid for all occupied spaces and recorded on building floor plans.  Only the square footage associated with the portions of rooms or spaces meeting the minimum illumination requirements may be counted in the calculations.

OPTION 4: Combination

Any of the above calculation methods may be combined to document the minimum daylight illumination in at least 75% of all regularly occupied spaces. The different methods used in each space must be clearly recorded on all building plans.

IEQ Credit 8.2: Views

LEED Credit: 1 point

 Intent: Provide building occupants a connection to the outdoors through the introduction of daylight and views into the regularly occupied areas of the building.


Achieve direct line of sight to vision glazing between 30” and 90” above the finish floor for building occupants in 90% of all regularly occupied spaces.  For private offices, the entire square footage of the office may be counted if 75% or more of the area has a direct line of sight to perimeter vision glazing. For multi-occupant spaces, the actual square footage with a direct line of sight to perimeter vision glazing is counted.

JEB Contribution:
JE Berkowitz efficiently fabricates high performance and spectrally selective* glass products from regional and global manufacturers includingPPG, Guardian and Pilkington to help maximize natural light into the building while providing excellent solar control in compliance with ASHRE 90.1.*Glass achieving a Light-to-Solar Gain (LSG) of more than 1.25 as defined by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE).