Insulated Glass

JEB Winduo™ Insulating Glass Units

JE Berkowitz’s Winduo™ Insulating Glass Units are two or more lites of glass separated and hermetically sealed to form a single-glazed unit with an air space between each lite (commonly called IG units). Winduo™ Insulating Glass Units conform to the highest level of the ASTM E2190 specifications.

Fabrication of Insulating Glass Units is accomplished on three automatic vertical insulating lines with the distinct advantages of:

  • On-line edge deletion to ensure proper sealant adhesion
  • On-line argon gas filling
  • Grey and Black primary and secondary sealants
  • Warm edge technology airspacers
  • Standard clear and black airspacers

Recommended Sizing

(Based on glass thickness)

3/16″ Annealed Glass60″ x 96″
3/16″ Tempered Glass70″ x 120″
1/4″ Annealed Glass65″ x 110″
1/4″ Tempered Glass96″ x 157″
1/4″ Laminated Annealed36″ x 60″
3/8″ Laminated Annealed70″ x 120″
9/16″ Heat-Treated Laminated84″ x 144″
Minimum Size Units12″ x 12″
Maximum Size Units96″ x 157″

(*Consult JEB for applicable maximum glass sizes)