Revolutionary Window Retrofit System

Patented in the United States and Canada

Convert your single pane windows to create an energy efficient, triple glazing system without the commitment of a full window replacement!

The RENOVATE by BERKOWITZ triple glazing system saves dramatic energy lost through the windows without disrupting current tenant activity.  It is an environmentally conscious and socially correct choice.  A traditional rip-out and reglaze creates additional landfill waste and is much more expensive.  RbB avoids this and helps green the building. RbB offers many benefits including:

                              ü       Improved thermal performance

                              ü       Considerably less cost then a rip-out

                              ü       Noise reduction / better acoustics

                              ü       No disruption of tenants

                              ü       Increased security

                              ü       Certified dealer / installer network

                              ü       Contributes to your LEED requirements

                                        (Potential of 6 – 30 points)

The area within 6 feet of the glass surface is uncomfortable. It’s too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer.  Make it comfortable with RENOVATE.

�      RENOVATE triple glazing system can be supplied with the same glass options of our traditional IGUs

�      Trim can be customized for desired aesthetics

�      Permanent Solution – no maintenance or mechanical required

Tested in a Series 1600 Kawneer, non-thermally broken, Curtain Wall System, single glazed, then with our Renovate System

Architectural Testing Inc. (ATI) LabBased on LBNL 5.2A Simulation
RENOVATE®Single Glazed
µR ValueµR Value
U-Factor (Winter).185.561.02.98
SHGC (Summer).42.82
Ambient Test ConditionsCenter of Glass*
Inside Temperature = 70 °FOutside Temperature = 0°F
*Inside Surface =  61°F*Outside Surface = 22°F

RbB Story

RbB is a wholly owned subsidiary of JE BERKOWITZ, LP (JEB).  JEB has over 90 years of glass fabrication experience, is ISO 9001-2008 Certified, LEED AP Certified, Member of the Glass Association of North America (GANA), and a Registered Government Contractor (DUNS# 002283125).

The RbB system has been designed to satisfy a growing demand in the marketplace for a feasible alternative to a traditional rip-out and reglaze.  It has been in research, testing and development for over five years and was awarded a patent in Canada and the United States. 


RbB is an interior glazing method of hermetically sealing a factory made insulating glass unit (IGU) to an existing monolithic glass window, with a special warm edge triseal, to create a triple glazed unit.  The basic component of the RbB triple glazing system is the IGU, which is fabricated by JEB in their state-of-the-art manufacturing plant with their top-notch machinery.

Edgetech Partnership

JEB has partnered with the world-class company Edgetech, to offer their Super Spacer Triseal™ warm edge product as a part of its RbB system.  Triseal™ has passed demanding industry tests (ASTM 2190; EN 1279) and meets ASTM E33 120.  RbB has created a dealer network for distribution and installation of this product that stretches from Boston to Chicago to Washington and is growing rapidly.


•          Existing windows must be water and air tight

•          Requires fixed, non-operating windows

•          Structure must be able to carry weight (approx. 5.5 lbs. per SF)