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Invisiwall® All-Glass Doors and Entrances

Modern, attractive All-Glass Doors and Entrances can add a dramatic appearance to a building entrance or create an open feeling in an office space. We combine the aesthetic beauty and visibility of glass with engineered and tested hardware systems. They are easy to install, require minimal maintenance and are a proven performer over time.

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Swing Doors

Type “A” Door – Top pivot patch and bottom pivot patch fittings

This door type provides a clean minimalist appearance, with the least amount of interruption to the glass transparency.

Type “F” Door – Top pivot patch, bottom pivot patch and bottom lock patch fittings

Very similar to the Type A door in appearance and function, with the addition of a third patch fitting, typically a locking patch fitting at the base of the door.

Type “BP” Door – Top pivot patch fitting and a full bottom rail

The BP Door maintains its clean transparent appearance, with a distinct solid look across the bottom of the door. The bottom rail is available in varying heights to create a dramatic effect or to align with sidelite glass bottom rails. BP Door’s bottom rail provides added protection compared to an exposed glass edge, especially for exterior applications.

Type “P” Door – Full top and bottom rails

The Type P Door is a classic all-glass door design. The door rails can match in height or vary to create a specific aesthetic. Standard rail heights range from 1” to 10” or in custom sizes.

Type “P” Doors with Vertical Stiles – Full top and bottom rails with full height stiles
The vertical stiles enclose the glass door, providing a framed appearance to the door and some additional weather protection, especially for exterior applications.

Office Fronts

Sliding doors are contemporary and versatile. A sliding door provides more usable floor space, as compared to a swing door. Sliding doors can be floor-mounted or top-hung. The tracks can be surface mounted or recessed.

Entrance Doors

Vertical-style doors enclose the glass door, providing a framed appearance to the door and some additional weather protection, especially for exterior applications.

Stacking Doors

Stacking door systems offer flexibility in dividing a space with an uninterrupted view and an inviting appearance. Our top-hung sliding doors can be stacked in a single plane or a bi-fold system that forms a perpendicular stack. The glass panels can have rails or point-fixed hardware for a subtle appearance.

Door Hardware and Technical Info

All-Glass Entrances comply with ASTM C1036. All tempered glass is manufactured in compliance with ASTM C1048, and laminated glass is compliant with the ASTM C1172. The dimensional tolerances are + 1/16”, – 1/8”. Exposed edges are flat polished with aris. For butt applications, edges are flat ground with aris.

Swing Door Diagram

swing door diagram

Typical Swing Door Clearances

Patch Fittings and Rail Systems

Standard and custom patch fitting and rail systems are available.

Standard Sizes: 1″, 1-3/8″, 3-3/8″, 3-5/8″, 4″, 6″, 10″

Optional Hardware

■ Closers

• Overhead Concealed

• Floor Closers

■ Door Handles

• Push/Pull Handles

• Ladder Handle

• Custom Options Available

■ Header Tubes

• 1-3/4” x 4-1/2”

• 1-3/4” x 4”

• 1-3/4” x 1-3/4”

■ Locks & Strikes

■ Center-Lock Housing

■ Thresholds

■ Panic Devices

■ Vertical Stiles

■ Magnetic Locks

Patch and Rail Finishes

■ Anodized Aluminum

• Clear #US28, Dark Bronze #313

• Black #335

■ Brass

• Polished #US3, Satin #US4

■ Stainless Steel

• Polished #US32

• Satin #US32D

■ Specialty Finishes

• Kynar

• Powder Coat and Specialty Cladding

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