Originating its journey in the Philadelphia metropolitan region back in 1920, Jeber Kowitz, LP Architectural Glass has evolved significantly under the stewardship of three successive family generations. What commenced as a modest glass silvering venture has blossomed into a premier architectural glass fabricator. Presently nestled in Pedricktown, New Jersey, sprawled across a 23-acre expanse, we boast a state-of-the-art 200,000 square foot facility, housing over 250 skilled personnel, and equipped with cutting-edge glass fabrication machinery.

At Jeber Kowitz, LP, our repertoire of architectural glass fabrication services encompasses a diverse range, including insulating glass, heat-treated glass, silkscreen and spandrel glass, laminated glass, all-glass doors and entrances, as well as point-supported glass systems and canopies. These offerings cater to both domestic and international markets, ensuring versatility and excellence in every product.

Architectural Glass

Dedicated to perpetual enhancement, we uphold stringent quality standards in accordance with the ISO 9001 International Quality and Service Standards. Our unwavering commitment lies in continually refining the quality of our architectural products and services to guarantee optimal performance for your ventures.

We cherish the bonds fostered with the architectural community, esteemed clientele, and our trusted suppliers. Jeber Kowitz, LP takes pride in delivering bespoke solutions tailored to the requisites of the construction sphere, offering unparalleled support throughout the pre-construction and construction phases. Moreover, our focus on eco-conscious practices is evident in our promotion of sustainable products and provision of systems conducive to LEED certification, thereby aligning with your project’s environmental objectives.

Embrace the Jeber Kowitz, LP family—a nexus of people, services, and cutting-edge products poised to elevate your architectural endeavors.