Spandrel Glass

Jeber Kowitz leads the way in eco-conscious solutions with its lead-free colored ceramic frit spandrel, applied using an on-line roller coater and fused to the interior surface of the substrate glass, creating the environmentally safe Envirospan™ opaque panel.

Key Features:

  • Lead-Free: Eliminating disposal problems associated with lead, our lead-free ceramic frit ensures environmental sustainability without compromising on quality.
  • Eight Standard Colors: Choose from a range of eight standard colors, providing versatility and aesthetic appeal to architectural designs.
  • Factory-Applied Polyester Backing: For added protection against fallout, a factory-applied polyester backing is available, ensuring durability and longevity.

Spandrel Colors:

Our standard spandrel colors, suitable for application onto 1/4″ clear heat-treated glass, include:

  • #101 Black
  • #102 Green
  • #104 Lava Bronze
  • #105 Charcoal
  • #106 White
  • #108 Blue
  • #109B Subdued Grey
  • #109A Warm Grey
Lead-Free Ceramic Frit

Custom colors, as well as tinted or low-iron substrates, are available upon request. Additionally, 1/4″ pyrolytic reflective glass is offered in grey, bronze, or blue, with standard black frit on the #2 surface.

Recommended Sizing:

  • Minimum Size Units: 12″ x 12″
  • Maximum Size Units: 84″ x 130″

*For larger sizes, consult with our Customer Service Representatives for available options exceeding 84″ x 130″.

Spandrel Shapes:

Refer to our pattern-cutting chart for various spandrel shapes, ensuring precise customization to suit your architectural requirements.


Standard edgework includes seamed or swiped edges with a 120° belt. Envirospan is ideally used in a four-sided captured glazing system and should not be employed in structural or exposed edge glazing applications.


  • Applied to #2 Surface with Monolithic Glass
  • Applied to #4 or #3 Surface with an Insulating Glass Unit
  • Suitable for Knee Walls and Non-Vision Areas Only

Jeber Kowitz’s Envirospan™ ceramic frit offers a perfect blend of environmental responsibility and architectural innovation, providing unmatched versatility and performance in various applications.