Point Supported Glass

Invisiwall® Point-Supported Glass Systems

Invisiwall® Point-Supported Systems are custom engineered to fit into any opening to create a striking entrance, wall or glass canopy for commercial buildings.


    • Entrances, Interior Glass Partitions, Canopies, Exterior Walls

Invisiwall® Advantage

Quality – We are committed to offering the finest engineered point-supported systems in the industry.

Flexibility – We allow you to fully integrate our systems into your design.

Engineering – CAD drawings, engineering, design services, specification data, estimating, and Professional Engineer (PE) Stamps are available.

Design – We produce tailored systems to meet your specific project design requirements.

Precision Tolerances – Our precision tempering ovens produce the flattest architectural glass on the market for interior, facade and various laminated applications. We target roller-wave distortion, as well as bow and warp tolerances, to be 50% more stringent than industry and ASTM standards allowed on a project basis.

Fabrication – Our CNC fabrication capabilities provide accurate and precise holes (straight or countersunk), notches and shapes in heavy glass. A dedicated automatic horizontal double-edger produces consistent, clean ground or flat-polished edgework. We also have the ability to miter glass edges.

Heat-Soak Testing – Our heat-soak testing process is in compliance with the European Standard of EN 14179-1:2005 for quality assurance. It is available to help minimize the probability of spontaneous breakage due to nickel sulfide inclusions that may exist in fully tempered glass.

Single Source – We provide the complete glass and hardware systems package that performs with single-source responsibility.<

Glass Options

    • Available in Monolithic Glass, Laminated Glass and Insulating Glass Units
    • Clear, Low Iron, Low E and Tinted Glass
    • Ceramic Silk-Screened Patterns
    • Laminated Glass with PVB Interlayer or Trosifol® SentryGlas® ionoplast interlayer produced by Kuraray.

Point-Supported Hardware

To ensure quality, point-supported system hardware is fabricated from 316-alloy stainless steel and is available in satin finishes. Rotule fittings can be fixed or articulated (reduces stress at holes to minimize the possibility of breakage). Rotule heads can either be countersunk or have a surface disk. To view details of our hardware options view page 14 of our Invisiwall Glass Systems brochure.

Invisiwall Structural Glass System

Invisiwall Structural Glass Walls offer stunning visual clarity for panoramic views while incorporating protection and structural stability. Full-height or cantilevered fins help brace the system and transfer loads to the structure by supporting the vertical glass. Systems also can be designed to bolt back to a steel substructure.

Each system is designed to your specific dimensions and load requirements, incorporating a broad selection of standard and custom point-supported spider fittings, splice plates, spring plates and fin brackets to connect the system components together.


Example: IVW (Invisiwall) – WL (Wall) – 602 (6 panels wide / 2 panels deep) – FF (Full Fin)

Tailor the Invisiwall nomenclature to your specific design.

To view details of vertical wall designs view page 12-13 of our Invisiwall Glass Systems brochure.

All-Glass Doors

We offer the flexibility of integrating All-Glass Doors into your structural wall glass system.

Point-Supported Canopies

Invisiwall Point-Supported Glass Canopies can be engineered to integrate All-Glass Doors seamlessly with the canopy.