Glass Canopies

Invisiwall® Glass Canopies

Designed to Meet Your Needs

Invisiwall® Glass Canopies help accentuate your architectural design without sacrificing beauty and protection. Each system can be custom-tailored to your design requirements and custom engineered to meet your specifications, including glass, point-supported fittings, shop drawings, and PE samples.

Canopy Glass Fabrication

A full selection of clear, low-iron, acid-etched and tinted glass substrates are available to be heat-treated and laminated for your application. Laminated glass is available with Trosifol® SentryGlas® structural interlayer. SentryGlas® interlayer is recommended for exposed-edge applications. The interlayer offers the unparalleled advantages of improved clarity, increased structural integrity and better edge stability over that of PVB. A five-year warranty on edge stability for SentryGlas® interlayer is available on a project basis. A translucent white interlayer or ceramic frit silk-screened pattern can be used to reduce both glare and the appearance of dirt on the canopy surface. Heat-soaking also is available to help minimize spontaneous breakage due to nickel sulfide inclusions.

Glass Options

  •  Clear, Low-Iron and Tinted Glass
  •  Acid-Etched Glass
  •  Ceramic Frit Silk-Screened Patterns
  •  Laminated Glass with Trosifol® SentryGlas® ionoplast interlayer produced by Kuraray. Structural Interlayer (.060”–.100”)
  • Clear and Translucent White interlayers are available for laminated glass
  •  Heat-Soak Testing

* Call for product applications and availability.

** Laminated glass is highly recommended for overhead glazing.

Canopy Hardware and Engineering:

  • Surface disc or countersunk rotules
  • Variety of spider fittings and spring plates
  • Shop drawings
  • Engineering support

An extensive variety of rotules and spider-fitting hardware are available based upon the canopy application. Invisiwall® Point-Supported Canopies can be engineered to integrate All-Glass Doors seamlessly with the canopy. To view details of our hardware options view page 14 of our Invisiwall Glass Systems brochure.

Canopy Designs


Example: IVW (Invisiwall) – CPY (Canopy) – 303 (3 panels wide / 3 panels deep)

Tailor the Invisiwall nomenclature to your specific design.